About Turbo Crank

Turbo Crank Indoor Cycling Workouts are designed to be an easy to use training tool to get you fit and to help you maximize your time on your indoor trainer. The workouts are presented in an easy to understand graphical user interface (GUI) that guides you through the workout, setp-by-step.

Turbo Crank can be used on your laptop, desktop or tablet so you can set up your trainer anywhere that fits your needs.

The success of any training program depends on its proper use. If you just started using Turbo Crank, give yourself time to get comfortable with the way the workouts are presented.

Can you feel it?

There are many ways to gauge your effort. Turbo Crank workouts use the Rate of Perceived Exertion or RPE as a starting point.

RPE works like this, when an athlete is exercising, they pinpoint how hard they feel they are working ranging from 1 (very easy) to 10 (maximum effort). It is entirely subjective to the individual athlete and is the gateway to learning your body’s limits.

Another simple way to asses your effort is to do a Talk Test. It’s very reliable and you may even use it now without even knowing it.

If you did a Heart Rate Threshold Test then you will base your effort on Heart Rate Zones. Write yours down on a piece of tape with a Sharpie and stick them to your bike or use the supplied printable Zones chart.

The ultimate way to measure your effort is with a power meter. A power meter gives immediate feedback on your effort and is a must for the athlete wanting to take their training to the next level. Fortunately RPE corresponds with Power Zones so if you have a power meter you can use your Power Zones instead.